Characteristic features of aggressive children. Child Psychology.

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1. They consider a lot of situations as dangerous, threatening and hostile to them.

2. They are oversensitive to a negative attitude towards them.

3. They have the basic adjustment that the others perceive them negatively.

4. They do not estimate their own aggression as aggressive behaviour.

5. They are always accusing their surroundings of something that is part of their own destructive behaviour.

6. In cases of intentional aggression (like assaulting, attacking, destroying someone’s property or some other kind of incursion) the aggressive children do not have a sense of guilt or if they do – it is very weakly manifested.

7. They don’t take responsibility for their own actions.

8. They have a limited number of reactions in problematical situations.

9. They reveal a low level of empathy in their relationships.

10. They have also a low emotional control.

11. They weakly evaluate their own emotions except for the anger.

12. They are afraid of their parent’s unpredictable behaviour.

13. They have neurological disorders; unstable attention; absent-mindedness; weak random access memory of the mind; non-durable memory.

14. They are not able to predict the consequences of their actions (they block their emotions in problematical situations)

15. They have a positive attitude towards the aggression because through the aggressive behaviour they get a feeling of self-significance and personal power.

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