Diagnostical Standards of Aggression for Children

Learn more about diagnostical standards of aggression for children

Diagnostical standards of aggression for children 

Diagnostical standards of aggression for children under school age and young school age.

1. The aggressive children often lose control over themselves and even oftener than other kids from their surroundings with a different kind of less aggressive behaviour in comparison to the aggressive ones.

2. The aggressive children argue very often, use profanities, are offensive to other children and even adults.

3. The aggressive children irritate on purpose the adults and decline to obey them, refusing to comply with their requests, advice and rules.

4. The aggressive children often accuse others of something which is part of their own incorrect behaviour and mistakes.

5. They are envious and distrustful.

6. They are also often getting angry and are in conflicts with others.

A child who manifests simultaneously and consistently at least 4 from all the 6 standards from above for a period of six or more months probably have aggression as a quality of its personality and could be called aggressive.

Diagnostical standards of aggression for children in middle school and for the rising generation at school.

1. These aggressive children threaten other people verbally or with gestures, looks, and poses.

2. The initiate physical confrontations.

3. They are using objects which can actually hurt someone in their confrontations.

4. They are physically cruel to people and animals and they are causing pain by all means.

5. The aggressive children could commit theft regarding the people they don’t like.

6. They could purposely harm other’s property.

7. They are blackmailing people and they are making threats.

8. They are missing from home late at night without their parent’s permission.

9. They are also running away from home.

10. They don’t go to school at all, they are running from their classes or they are being expelled from school.

A child who manifests a minimum 3 standards of aggression from the above during 6 or more months is considered to have the aggression quality of personality.

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