Introduction to Psychopathology: Mental Retardation

Learn more about Psychopathology and Mental Retardation with our book “Introduction to Psychopathology: Mental Retardation”


Hello and welcome to our BOOK on Introduction to Psychopathology and Mental Retardation. The book consists of 12 topics in which we will examine in detail the problem related to mental retardation. The topic of mental retardation is important for society and the individual. Knowledge of the problem and methods of interaction and work is crucial for any person and specialist who has contact with people in a similar state. We hope that our book will bring some light to the issues and enrich your knowledge and experience. Thank you for your interest!

About the author

Valentin Boyadzhiev is a trained nutritionist, graduated Master of Psychology in “Psychology and Psychopathology of Development”. He has acquired Professional Qualification “Teacher of Psychology” and Postgraduate Professional Qualification “Psychological Counseling in Psychosomatic and Social Adaptation Disorders”. He has obtained a Psychoanalysis Diploma and he has specialized in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. He is a member of the Association “Bulgarian Psychoanalytic Space”, “International Society of Applied Psychoanalysis” and „International Alliance of Holistic Therapists“. He is a lecturer on issues related to nutrition, diet, supplementation, food, and sports. He is also a teacher and a lecturer in the field of psychology, logic, ethics, law, and philosophy. He has been a school psychologist since 2017. He has been participating annually in scientific conferences on psychology, psychotherapy, dietetics, and medicine. His main interest and practice are in the field of psychoanalysis and clinical psychology.

In our book we will look at:
1. General information on Mental Retardation
2. The clinical picture of mental retardation
3. Reasons for mental retardation
4. Diagnosis of mental retardation
5. Mild mental retardation
6. Moderate mental retardation
7. Severe mental retardation
8. Profound mental retardation
9. Other mental retardation
10. Unspecified mental retardation
11. Treatment and interventions concerning mild mental retardation
12. Discriminative analysis of intellectual functions and psychopathological approach in mental retardation

Who this book is for:
1. Psychologists
2. Psychiatrist
3. Teachers
4. Pedagogues
5. Social Workers
6. Medical Practitioners
7. Nurses
8. Parents
9. Academician
10. Students
11. Anyone Interested In Psychopathology and Mental Retardation

Final Words

Thanks to all the readers who were interested in this book. I tried to make a brief and enjoyable synthesis of some of the most influential theories in psychology related to Mental Retardation. I hope that each of you is satisfied with the reading and has acquired new knowledge that will serve you both in work and life in general. I hope that each one of you will be able to obtain the needed knowledge from this short guide. Best wishes, Valentin Boyadzhiev!

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