What causes aggression and violence? Child Psychology.

Learn more about aggression and violence, what causes them and others now! Learn more about child psychology, child aggression and violence.

Various environmental factors could be a good reason to strengthen the tendency of causing aggression and violence. These are factors like:

Socio-economic crisis and its consequences – that factors threatening the physical survival of particular people and families and it causes spiritual despair and losing faith.

Mass media – this one threatens the value system of the young people and it could be said that it provokes the violence usage as an instrument for solving conflicts.

Globalization – that factor threatens the self-realization of a person. In a global community, people realize their imperfections and often get into depression.

Alienation – this is a threatening factor for the community’s cohesion and solidarity, it provokes non-confidence and insecurity.

Social devaluation – this is a factor which is threatening the spiritual identity’s preservation. The lack of values and orientation of values have a regressive effect on mankind.

The kids obtain knowledge of the behaviour models from three different sources:

– The first one is the family which can demonstrate aggressive behaviour and at the same time, it could be embedded in the children.

– From the interaction with their coevals, the children take a first-hand look at the aggression’s advantages while playing different games with each other.

– The children are learning aggressive reactions not only from real-life examples but from symbolic ones. The scenes of violence demonstrated by the movies and the digital games contribute to the increase of aggressive levels in their respective audiences and especially in kids.

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