What is violence?

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Violence – “Any act or behaviour directed against the other person or self that causes physical, mental or emotional suffering can be called violence. By its social nature, violence is an anti-human act. “

Violence is manifested in various obvious and non-obvious forms (like pedagogical, information, manipulative, indifferent, etc.). Тhere is both physical and mental violence (for example imposing restrictions, controlling, isolating, depreciating and underestimating, manipulation through children, making the partner economically dependent), there are also various causes at the macro-level (like lack of values, lack of positive models) and at the personal level (e.g. deficits in socialization and realization, distrust in others, loss of consciousness for justice, the low threshold of inhibitions in aggression, lack of strategy for conflict resolution) and all of these play an important role in the behaviour.

Various environmental factors strengthen the trend toward violence. These are factors such as:

The socio-economic crisis and its consequences – a factor that threatens the physical survival of individuals or families and causes spiritual discouragement;

– The Mass media – a factor that threatens the construction of the adolescent value system and, in a sense, provokes the use of violence as a mechanism for conflict resolution;

– Globalization – a factor that threatens the self-realization of the individual. In a global society, one is aware of his imperfection and is more often depressed.

– Alienation – a factor that threatens community togetherness as a group and provokes mistrust and insecurity;

– Social devaluation – a factor that threatens the preservation of spiritual identity. The lack of values and orientation is reflected mainly regressive of the human race.


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